Revy Web Design

I originally moved from England to Revelstoke with the idea of becoming a rock-climbing instructor. Five years later, I’m operating a web designing company and am still trying to figure out how it all happened!

By some strange force, I seem to be attracted to computers. This started at 11-years-old when I discovered my hobby of website designing. My happy place is sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, and honestly, some 20 years later, not much has changed. In university, despite studying Psychology, I worked at a help desk fixing students’ computers and doing odd jobs. While I was away at school sorting people’s tech problems, my parents decided it was a good time to follow the sun and move to Portugal. Soon enough, their daily photos of the casa and the work they were doing clogged up my email storage space. There was only one solution: start a WordPress blog! The articles I wrote documented my parents’ new life and within a year, I had hundreds of followers. I decided to start a mailing list, Facebook Page, Instagram channel, and post weekly blogs which only grew my web design fascination.

When I finished University, I thought I’d do some soul searching (as us ‘millennials’ do) and applied for a Canadian work visa. I landed a job guiding with Flexpeditions, but before I knew it I was back in front of the computer managing the company’s website – and I was loving it! Word of my hobby spread through Revelstoke’s small community and soon enough I had all sorts of
jobs helping with websites, fixing viruses, and setting up printers. In 2019, my permanent residency got accepted so I decided to call Revelstoke my forever home and turn my ‘hobby’ into a business.

I started casual as a server, cleaner, and rock-climbing guide on the side. I didn’t have the confidence to make web designing a full-time business until I spoke to Carolyn from StartUp Revelstoke. Thankfully, she was able to help me with business skills such as marketing, bookkeeping, and writing a business plan that would act as my roadmap.

As you know, in recent times, businesses have found themselves needing to adjust and shift into the online world. The number of businesses wanting to improve their online presence gave
me the push I needed to really start my own. I felt fulfilled helping my community, but a deep sense of responsibility to help left me wanting to say “yes” to everyone.

Both Carolyn and my peers in the business mentorship program I was attending helped me realize that I couldn’t do it all on my own. It was either burnout or enlist some help with my business. The expansion brought team members with a specialist skillset including Katee Pederson, my photographer, which offered more services to my clients. From there, the Revy Web Design team grew and is now a small collective of digital service providers and can offer photography, branding, copywriting, search engine optimization, analytics, digital marketing, user experience design, and consulting.

My team and I share the same drive to keep learning and improving our skill sets so that we can better serve the community in navigating the digital world, levelling up their online presence, and empowering their brand. We look forward to working closely with them to build a website that is bespoke, elegant, and made in Revelstoke.

Laura White
+1 (250) 814-8685