Capra Press

In 2020,  Zoey, Jeff, and I (Mia) found ourselves drinking excessive amounts of coffee while working from home. While we loved trying different brewing devices, we always found ourselves returning to the French Press (despite our love-hate relationship with it). It was during this time that Jeff and I started considering what the French Press could be with the right innovation.

After countless sketches, CAD models, prototypes, and days of testing, we’ve developed a product that met our original vision.  By taking advantage of rapid prototyping through spaces like the Revelstoke Idea Factory, we’ve been able to iterate through multiple designs to ensure the Capra Press meets the high standards we set for ourselves when we began this project.

We’ve begun bulk production and expect to have the product by early February 2023.

We’re thankful to Carolyn from Startup Revelstoke for providing us with business guidance and connecting us with helpful resources. Through Startup Revelstoke, we met Erin Kerwin. Erin has provided us with priceless technical guidance throughout this journey.  Without help from our amazing mentors, we would have missed out on a lot of important advice and support. We’re stoked to bring this product to market and are grateful to everyone who has made that possible!